Kona Story

Kona is Georgian premium tea and herbal mixes agricultural cooperative since 2014.
Kona helps tea lovers discover peace of mind and become healthier & happier by offering rare artisan Georgian tea to consumers while combining healthy benefits in twelve unique flavors.

Kona tea is the best of Georgia - a combination of quality, taste, flavour, tradition and lifestyle.

Kona means a bouquet in Georgian. We have criss-crossed hills and meadows of the Caucasus in search for the perfect bouquets of flavour for you. Each of our nine blends is unique and combines wild herbs from nine different regions of Georgia and those we grow in our hillside garden. Our rare black, green and bilberry artisan teas come from Guria.

Kona offers 4 collections online:

Epicurean collection – gourmet teas;

Herbal Zen – herbal mixes for relaxation,

Wellness collection – detox, remineralization and immune system strengthening;

Guria Grand Cru - rear artisan black, green and bilberry loose leaf tea.

Recently we created KONA Cubes. Kona cubes are muslin cotton tea bags made without clips or glue in eco-friendly, easy to use packaging with the longest possible lifecycle - individual small paper cubes transform into teacup covers. 

Soon available exclusively in our online shop.