Le Digestif - After Dinner

The honey hints of quince buds married to the flavors of lavender and the savory herb create this calming bouquet to soothe indigestion. We’ve found it’s a pretty good hangover cure too!

 Ingredients: Quince leaves, Savory, Peppermint, Ginger, Orange zest, Lavender, Verbena and Sage  


* 50 gr pack contains 40 gr of tea.

** 50 gr pack is identitc to the picture on your left. 100 gr pack is in craft with ziplock, without clear window. 

*** Delivery service doesn't work on Week-Ends. Purchesed tea is delivered the next working day in Tbilisi and in 3 days in other cities of Georgia.

For international shipment please send the order by mail. 

Price: 11.90 b