Ali and Nino

If you haven’t read the story of Ali and Nino, it’s time you did! Try this seductive mix of roasted cacao nibs to spice up your love. And there’s a little hint of bitter-sweetness in there, just like love itself

 Ingredients: Black tea, Rose petals, Georgian Snow rose, Cassia, Cacao nibs, Coconut sugar, Anise and Allspice  


* 50 gr pack is identitc to the picture on your left. 100 gr pack is in craft with ziplock, without clear window. 

** Delivery service doesn't work on Week-Ends. Purchesed tea is delivered the next working day in Tbilisi and in 3 days in other cities of Georgia.

For international shipment please send the order by mail. 

Price: 11.90 b